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Photography from Zack DeZon. All posts from 2013 are from THE FIELD: Young Actors in 2013, a coffee table book now for sale.

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Posts made before 2013 are a bit more eclectic, including other portraits, fashion tests, and film scans.

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THE FIELD: Young Actors in 2013

Environmental portraits of rising under-35 actors. 106pp. 12” x 12” hardcover. Signed first edition.


It’s an old parlor game by now—Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Start with anyone in the entertainment business, and no more than six professional connections later, you’ve found your way to the eponymous actor. This is no coincidence—the communities that form in ‘the industry’ are tight-knit, and this has the effect of making a famously overcrowded field effectively smaller.

Photographer Zack DeZon started with the goal of capturing a representative sample of young striving artists in the acting profession, and, instead of posting a casting call, decided to find his subjects via the communities that actors form themselves. Having once been an actor himself, Zack started with a seed group of former colleagues and, from there, asked each subject to recommend the actors they knew whom they thought most likely to succeed in their goal to become well-heeled (and well-known) professionals. Not all of the subjects in this book are complete unknowns, but an effort was made to keep out anyone who could be considered a ‘household name.’ 

The result is a series of portraits that not only celebrtate the actors’ individual personalities, but the ties they’ve made to one another. As the subjects in THE FIELD: Young Actors in 2013 ‘come up’ in their careers, they shall surely do so together. 

Subjects from THE FIELD can be seen in many recent, current, and future projects, including:

Chris Lowell

Fox’s Enlisted as Derrick Hill, and Veronica Mars as Piz

Patrick J. Adams

USA’s Suits, as Mike Ross

Troian Bellisario

ABC Family’s Pretty Little Liars, as Spencer Hastings

Nicole Byer

MTV’s Girl Code, as Self

Brett Dalton

ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., as Agent Grant Ward

Ben Sinclair

High Maintenance, creator and star

Beck Bennett

Saturday Night Live, new featured player

Brian McElhaney and Nick Kocher

of sketch duo BriTANicK

Rachel Brosnahan

Netflix’s House of Cards, as Rachel Posner

Matt McGorry

Netflix’s Orange is the New Black, as John Bennett

Thomas Middleditch

HBO’s Silicon Valley, as Richard

Ashley Johnson

The Last of Us, as Ellie

Jillian Morgese

Joss Whedon’s Much Ado About Nothing, as Hero

Charley Koontz

NBC’s Community, as Neil

Nick Cordero

Broadway’s Bullets Over Broadway, as Cheech

Heléne Yorke

Showtime’s Masters of Sex, as Jane Martin

Chase Williamson 

John Dies at the End, as Dave

and many more!